Things to Consider When Choosing a Heavy-Duty Towing Company

Not all towing company is well-equipped and trained to handle or manage a truly heavy-duty recovery and towing tasks. As a matter of fact, these instances require highly trained and skilled drivers or operators and the appropriate capacity towing trucks as well as equipment. Each situation differs from the other and that is the reason why towing projects are very dangerous without the appropriate combination of equipment and personnel.

What Comprises a Heavy-Duty Towing Project?

Heavy-duty towing projects include the recovery of heavier and much larger trailers and semi-trucks, huge RVs, loaded box-type trucks and some other bigger equipment or devices from the off-road locations, scene of the accident, and from under the water. Different situations need certain equipment including trucks from 26,000-50,000 lbs. with specialized tools such as high-powered winches, flatbed options, and extended-reach wheel lifts.

Things That You Need to Find in a Professional and Certified Heavy-Duty Towing Service Company

Preparing a list and investigating of heavy-duty and high-quality recovery and towing companies is a very important preparation for any manager. In addition to that, knowing whom to contact to for a fast and professional response to emergency situations is very important for a satisfactory outcome.

The following are some of the basic qualifications of high-quality, heavy-duty and top-rated towing and recovery companies:

1. Driver Training

Securing the site, carefully towing and extracting the damaged vehicle, and ensuring the safety of passengers and operators needs driver training and education. Every tow truck driver must have specific trainings such as flagging training and should be drug-free and tested.

2. Available Equipment

Towing vehicles which frequently handles passenger vehicles are not able of handling the weight of bigger vehicles. High-quality towing service companies use fifty-ton super trucks with winches and some other useful equipment. In mountain terrain and snow country, most companies acquire high-powered trucks perfect for off-road recoveries and towing.

3. Availability and Responsiveness

Untoward incidents and the need for recovery and towing never happen at your convenience. Heavy-duty towing service companies should be available at any time of the day, the entire year. The best towing companies, as well, place equipment in several places to respond as fast as they could.

Guidelines When Hiring the Right Towing and Recovery Company

Not every towing and recovery companies are similar. Factors such as location, reputation, personnel training, availability of equipment, experience and capacity of the equipment are the main determinants for choosing the right towing and recovery company.

Advance research can get rid of potential problems in the long run.

At some given time in everyone’s life, a towing and recovery service is very important. Trucks, RVs and automobiles break down over time. Off-roaders are stuck in complicated situations. Accidents are inevitable.

Plan Ahead

Look for towing service in your local place and along the way where you always pass by. It is a great idea to acquire the company’s contact number in emergency situations.

Truck fleet managers must ensure that tow and recovery services along each route have been identified in order to decrease the time of an accident or costly breakdown and also, to make sure that the equipment and the driver stay safe.